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Lazerhead Energy & Mining (LHEM) is dedicated to rendering extensive cutting-edge services in the areas of Power Generation & mining. The SBU focuses on Power Generation & energy evacuation from conventional & non-conventional Renewable sources. It undertakes policy making, planning, promotion and co-ordination functions relating to all aspects of renewable energy – Solar, Wind, Geo Thermal and so on.

The SBU extensively backs programs that support the widespread adoption of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems by educating consumers, supporting solar legislation and conducting business in a professional and ethical manner. Similar promotional efforts are being planned for achieving significant progress in power generation from other renewable energy sources such as Wind & Oceans.

Minerals constitute the back-bone of economic growth of any nation & LHEM using superior mining techniques, world-class facilities, new generation mining equipment and technology and scale and flexibility of its operations and systems is exploring investment options to establish itself as a key player in the mining sector too.